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  Adam Rutkowski 90a53a6e38 Merge pull request #27 from jackiekazil/master 6 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 3470e749cc Merge pull request #26 from robthehall/master 6 years ago
  Jackie Kazil dda14885d4 Following the instructions. :-) 6 years ago
  Jackie Kazil b406f66c63 Fixes 'Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement identicon' error that occurs when trying to find the requirement. 6 years ago
  Robert Hall febe521331 Fix a README typo 7 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski d5ef5b4804 Merge pull request #24 from amites/patch-1 7 years ago
  Alvin Mites 4fb18134eb updated URL to prevent error -- git:// only accessible with write access 7 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski e6d1f34636 Merge pull request #23 from slinkp/master 7 years ago
  Paul Winkler bd82fcb5b5 Fix a URL and a typo 7 years ago
  Paul Winkler f6bbce3eec Fix for when field.choices is an itertools.tee (which can't be passed to random.choice) 7 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski ff34a49a84 Version bump 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 11c0426b69 Merge branch '0.2-extensions' 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 4dbea9fbdf Merge branch 'master' of git:// into 0.2-extensions 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 52400633b1 PyPI registration TODO removal. 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski d221487d67 pip-friendly 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski b76fe6d139 ManyToMany spammer function interface fix 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 29335de274 Settings getattr fix 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 34c7731a36 Multiple user contributions and feature requests: 8 years ago
  mlavin 18b394fd83 Fix callable filenames on file/image fields. See #15. 8 years ago
  Philip Kalinsky f6b35f59f3 remove print statement 8 years ago
  Philip Kalinsky d896da949e add support for upload_to callables 8 years ago
  Philip Kalinsky 9dd5854bb8 enable, uncomment choice selects 8 years ago
  Philip Kalinsky d50619782b update spammer to support introspection of object 8 years ago
  Philip Kalinsky c6478f5ce0 allow excluding models from being spammed 8 years ago
  Alfredo 0ccfbe6357 Alfredo added to list of contributors 8 years ago
  Alfredo Aguirre 2ac06e8e50 Using storages for the files as well 8 years ago
  Alfredo Aguirre 530a799da6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 8 years ago
  Adam Rutkowski 5ec379ed5a create random file storage directory if it does not exist 8 years ago
  edmoody 0ab24ee028 fix: create random file storage directory if it does not exist. 8 years ago
  Alfredo 415dd4cb0f Storage for images. PEP8 8 years ago